Find Someone Near You To Kik

The leading kik messenger social network has recently updated there website and released several cool features. These features are designed to help you find kik messenger users that live local to you, they will show you a rough location based distance.

The first new feature pulls back the first 50 users that are local to you. Everyone prefers chatting to people locally as opposed to half way round the world. Since this feature was released it has got nothing but positive feedback, users have been waiting for a feature like this for awhile.

The second feature is a distance feature which is found on every users profile page. It will automatically calculate the distance between your connection and there's and gives you a rough distance in miles. is the leading kik messenger social network, it's the safest place online to share your kik username and meet new people. Everyone's kik username is kept private and its down to the user who they share it with. It has the largest database of active kik users and allows you to search it for free by age, gender, country, city, town, state, interests and more.

If you have kik messenger installed and haven't signed up to the kik social network yet then we suggest you do. You wont unlock the full usage of kik messenger until you do.