See Whos Near By On Kik Messenger is the number one kik messenger social network has released several new features designed at helping you find users locally. Once you login you can instantly see who lives near to you by using the new 'Near Me' feature. This has become a valuable addition to kik community as you can imagine, as everyone likes to chat to someone locally as there's always the potential to meet up if you get on.

As well as the near me feature you can visit any profile and see a rough distance in miles. These features have been long overdue and now they have been released they have made a huge difference when it comes to finding new kik users to chat to. is still by far the safest place to share your kik usernames, everyone's kik username is kept private and its down to you to share it with someone you trust. If you share it with the wrong person and are getting pestered then you can always use the safe features in Kik messenger to block the user or report them.

If you use kik messenger and haven't signed up to the kik social network then we suggest you do so, you'll get so much more out of kik messenger when you do.