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Does Kik Use Data?

The best thing about Kik Messenger is that is FREE to download from the app store. Unlike other apps there will be no subscription fees or any other type of download free. One thing that sets Kik apart from other messengers is the ability to interact with others using only your user name. Kik usernames are used instead of personally identifiable information, such as your cell phone number, to interact with other people. This makes it safer (but not totally safe) to chat with random people you meet online. Meeting people online, through games, and other platforms is becoming more and more common.

Is Kik Really Free? What's the catch?

Kik is free, it will never charge you any money to use it. There may be other costs such as using data when you're over your data plan, since Kik uses an Internet connection to send messages. But these costs are from your wireless provider and not from the Kik app itself.

Kik & Your Data Plan

Be aware that if you're using your data plan, you could be charged when you use Kik or any other data consuming app. For example, if you're over your limit for your data transfer, then you will be charged extra by your cell phone provider.

Avoiding Data Plan Charges

Use Wi-Fi! This cost can be 100% avoided by using Wi-Fi. If you're not connected to Wi-Fi, then your phone will use your data plan that is included in your smartphone. This is really the same for any other app that connects to the Internet. Most people are aware of how much data they have and how much they are using.

Keep track of how much data you use. The best way to use Kik on the go is to use data. Having to find a Wi-Fi connection, and one that is reliable too, is not always possible. If you keep track of how much data you use and know how to limit and turn off your data when you're approaching your limit, you can also avoid all the charges. Things like YouTube videos, Spotify, and pictures use up a lot of your data transfer limit. Avoid these things when you're near your data plan limit and consider turning off data completely if you're very close.