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When you use Kik Usernames, you will be able to find people, just like you, that want to talk to others on Kik

They are willing to make friends, many are looking to exchange pictures too. Have a browse through the people and find somebody that matches the interests you have. We don’t care who you are, we are positive that at least one or two people will share the same interests as you!

Remember; once you have added the kik username to your account, introduce yourself. Don’t just jump in and ask for photographs. There is no sense in that! Just talk about who you are and what your interests are. If you are lucky, you will find that stuff clicks right away! If not, have no fear, keep at it, if you keep talking to your kik friends that have the same interests as you, then you will be golden. Eventually something will click, otherwise you can continue to browse through the plethora of other people that we have on our website!