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Help: Forgot Kik Username

Did you forget your Kik username?

If you're currently logged into Kik and you want to share your Kik username on our kik usernames list, you can find your kik username in your kik profile. To access your profile screen you can go to your settings on the top right corner and then your username will show up in the small text below your profile picture and display name.

I forgot my Kik username and I am not logged in..

If you have forgotten your kik username and you are not logged in either, then there is still hope. You can access your account by using the email your registered with your account or your username. You could also check for your confirmation email that Kik sends when you first register your account, you may luck out and just find it. If you registered with a fake email or you don't have access to that email account anymore, then your account is gone.