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How do you know when someone blocks you on kik?

Every so often, you may irritate one of your kik friends to the point where they may block you from their app.

It probably will not happen too much with your ‘real life’ friends, you have already clicked with them, after all. But it may happen with people you meet online.

How do you know if you're blocked on Kik?

The problem is that it can be tough to know when someone blocks on kik. The app doesn’t tell you. This means that you need to rely on a bit of detective work. When you send a message on kik, you will notice that there is a little D or an S next to the message. The S means that the message has been sent. It is then whisking its way through the air to get to the user’s phone. The D means that it has been delivered. It is the D you need to look out for.

The D still appears when the user has blocked you from their kik messenger.

The D can be one of two different colors. It can either be black or a faded grey. When the message has been delivered but the app has not been opened, the D remains as a faded out grey.

When the app has been opened, even if the person does not read your message, the D becomes black.

If the D never turns black, you can be sure that you have been blocked from kik messenger.

Obviously, once you have been blocked from the app there is not a lot you can do. Just start looking for new kik usernames. No, we do not advocate that you make an account and get in touch with the person that blocked you. This is going to make your problems a lot worse. It is also very irritating.

If they have blocked you once, they are going to do it again. Your best bet is to try and ensure that you do not get blocked in the first place.