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How to Stay Safe Online

Chatting online is fun, we know. But your safety is more important. This is not an all enclusive list of ways to stay safe, but they outline some really great ways to keep your identity and yourself safe.

Tips to stay safe online:

Everyone who you are talking with online is a stranger. You may think that you know them, but they could be faking it the whole time. You can not 100% trust the person you speak to online. Stay cautious.

Arguments and abusive words are pointless. Blocking this user is the best way to handle a situation where another user said somewhat disgusting things about you.

Don't give ANY personal information (real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, school) when communicating with strangers online. Keep it to yourself.

You may not recognize it, but merely making your e-mail visible on the Internet exposes you to the risk of being misused by others. Not to mention all the spam and junk mail you will recieve.

Never use a nickname that will attract predators.

NEVER use your real name. Users can find much more from knowing your full name, such as where you live, the school you go to, the contacts of your family, and so on.

It is more dangerous to meet someone you met online in real life than you might think!

You should NOT meet with people you meet online.

Kik usernames will NEVER advise you to do so under any circumstances, but if you feel that you need to do this then:

  1. Tell your parents/guardians about the situation and try to come with a large group of friends.
  2. Meet in a bright crowded public place like a shopping mall during the daytime.

Please do not do it by yourself and never be alone with them.

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