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What is Kik Browser?

What is Kik Browser?

Kik has its own Web Browser and can be accessed through the media tray in the chats

Using the Kik browser allows you to discover new webpages and also share link with your kik usernames friends through chat. Anything you visit or send through chat will be added to your web history.

If you want to manage your web history, then you can access it from the settings menu. You just go to the settings menu and then tap the "your web history" button. On the Apple iPhone you cannot see the webpages through Discover More Webpages or search. The kik browser, instead, will show you a list of webpages you have already been to.

The web history can be easily cleared, if you wish to do so. To clear the Kik browser web history just tap the clear button in the web history settings described above.

Alternatively, you can just clear web history form a chat tap the boxes, then web history, and then click the clear button.