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Kik Exclamation Mark

What does the exclamation mark (!) mean on Kik? Sometimes you'll see an exclamation mark. This means that there is a problem with your chat. You message cannot be sent.

How to Fix Exclamation Mark Error on Kik

The main reason the error happens is because your Internet connection is not working. However, a simple restart of the Kik app may fix it. If not, try finding some random person on our kik usernames list and making sure that it is not because of the person you are trying to contact.

To test if it is your Internet connection, you could try using a different Wi-Fi network. If there is no Wi-Fi network available then switching to your data plan would also work. And vice versa. That is, if you're currently using your data plan, trying using Wi-Fi.

Try opening a browser on your phone and navigating to a reliable site like and see if it loads. If Google is loading okay, then your connection is okay. If this is the case, usually closing the Kik app and restarting your phone will solve it.

Other Errors

You may see another error on Kik. This is the 3 dot error (...). This is another connection error. Kik is not connecting as it should. You may encounter this right when you send a message, but it should go away very quickly. It will be replaced with an S read notification. This means that your message was sent successfully. This does not mean, however, that the other person has read your message.