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Kik Read Receipts

Once you have added some kik usernames you might begin to wonder what the letters beside your kik chats mean.

What do the letters beside my Kik messages mean?

The letters beside the chat bubble on your chats are read receipts. Unlike texting, this gives you an advantage as you know the status of your message and whether someone is ignoring you or has simply not seen your message.

If you see an S beside your chat bubble that means that it has been sent to the Kik Server

If you see D beside your chat bubble that means that the message as been delivered

If you see R beside your chat bubble that means that your message has been opened and read as well

What does the three dots that appear beside my message mean?

The "..." means that the app is trying to connect. Once the connection is established the message will change to an S, or sent as we have said above.

The three dots are not going away. What do I do?

First thing to do is to check whether your connection to data or Wi-Fi is working. You can open up a browser on your phone and try and navigate to Google or another site.

If you see a red exclamation mark, then there is an error sending your message. This is just like texting on the Android. In this case, you have to send your message again.

When you see the D next to the chat bubble, it means that the push notification has been sent. Keep in mind, with push notifications they will be able to read partial messages. However, it means they have not opened the app and read the entire message.

My message is stuck on S? What do I do?

First, this might not be a problem with your phone.

This results sometimes because the person that you're attempting to contact is not online. The message is delievered once they turn their phone on and/or sign into their Kik account and the reconnect to Kik messenger.

If you're sure that it is not your friend, then it may be your connection. Remember Kik uses Wi-Fi and/or your data plan in order to send or recieve messages. So check if your connection is working or not.

How can I tell what time I sent my message?

If you want to know what time you sent your message. It is very easy to do so. All you have to do is click on the message and the time that it was sent will be above the message.