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Kik Symbols

Using Kik is pretty easy. People can join the app for free and start to talk with other people right after they create their account. After signing up for kik just look for some kik usernames. Kik is centered around a good experience, most people find it easy to use for this reason. There are a few things that you should know about Kik Messenger before you start using it. These small things will help your understanding of what Kik is and how to maximize its ability to remain in contact with other people.

Kik Symbols

Knowing what Kik symbols are can enhance your experience of chatting with others and meeting new people. This article will tell you what the symbols on Kik stand for.

What are Kik Symbols?

Unlike regular texting, all messages that are sent or recieved through Kik will have a letter displayed next to the chat. The symbols are read reciepts and the letters stand for different things.

Kik Letter Symbols

Kik letter symbols are the ones that you will come across the most. There are three letter symbols: S, R and D.

The S symbols means sent. This means that your message was sent. So when you see an S when your Kik chatting with your friends. It means that your message has been delivered successfuly to the other person. Or a group of you're currently in a gorup chat. The S means that the message has been sent. This does not mean that the user or group of people that you are chatting with have seen it yet. If the S remains on the message, maybe your Kik friend is not currently on Kik right now.

The S symbol is only one of the symbols. The other symbol that you'll see on Kik messenger is the D symbol. The D symbol stands for delivered. This means that the message has finally been recieved on your friends phone or device. This does not mean, however, that they have seen the message. They may have seen a portion of the message from a push notification (if they have them enabled). Probably though, they have not read your entire message. But rest assured, if you see this symbol that your message is on their phone and ready to be looked at.

If the symbol is a D that person might not have their phone with them. Another possible reason is that their phone is turned off or they have not launch the Kik app in a while. Maybe they have just not seen the message. The D Kik symbol will remain like this until they have seen the message. There are also two different types of D Kik Symbols: a grey one and a a black one. The grey one means that the user has recieved a push notification. If the D is solid black then the person ahs read the notification. So they have, perhaps seen your message in the notification but not in the app. This only applies for certain operating systems.

The R symbol means that the user has read your Kik message. The R stands for read. This means that the message has been looked at one the Kik app and read by the recipient. If you see an R, and they have not replied yet, it could be because they are busy or because the are ignoring you. If you're being ignored, maybe its time to find some new friends on kik usernames.