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Kik Visual Settings

How to adjust font size on Kik Messenger

There is no way to do this as of writing this article. Kik doesn't have a setting to do this yet. But you can try changing your phones font size in the accessibility settings menu on your phone.

How can I change my chat bubble colors on Kik?

In order to change your chat bubble colors you have to go to the settings menu. Then tap the chat settings button and select chat bubble color. From there you can change your chat bubble color.

Can I use enter as the send key on Kik Messenger?

Yes, this is possible. If you're tired of having to tap send everytime you send a message you can just go to your settings menu and select chat settings. From there you can toggle the "Enter Key Send" option. Whenever you press enter now, it will send your message.

Can I mute new chats on Kik Messenger?

Getting annoyed by all the new chats but want to keep your username on kik usernames? You can mute new chats on Kik Messenger, so you don't get notifications for messages from new people all the time. To change this setting: Go to your settings menu and tap notifications. From there you can toggle the Mute New Chats option.

Can I turn on (or off) notifications on Kik Messenger?

If you're getting annoyed by the vibrations on from your Kik notifications, go to the settings menu again and select notifications. From there you can toggle the Vibration settings. You can also adjust the sound settings from this menu as well.