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More about Kik Names

What is a Kik Username?

A Kik username allows you to connect with anyone worldwide without using your phone number. This is what makes it great from so many different apps.

Changing your Kik Username

Once you have chosen a username it cannot be changed. Thus, if you want someone to add you on kik usernames, you must give them this username, so choose wisely. Note, that this is different from the display name, which can be changed.

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What characters are allowed to pick a kik username?

Usernames can be formed using letters, numbers, periods and underscores.

Kik Display Names

Display names are what kik users see in the chat list. Your kik display name is also shown on the top of the chat and in the group info section, if you're in a Kik group. Display names, unlike kik usernames, can be changed at any time and can also include letters, numbers, characters, and even EMOJIS!

How can I change my display name?

The instructions are pretty much the same for all operating systems, which is nice if you use or are transfering from one device to another.

For iOS

Step One: Click on the Kik App
Step Two: Tap the Settings button
Step Three: Select Your Account
Step Four: Select Name
Step Five: Choose your display name

To update your display name for the Android operating system:

Step One: Tap on the Kik app
Step Two: Press the settings button
Step Three: Tap the My Account button
Step Four: Tap Name
Step Five: Choose a new display name

For the Windows Phone:

Step One: Open the Kik app
Step Two: Tap the Setting button
Step Three: Select "Your Account"
Step Four: Tap the "Change Display Name" option
Step Five: Choose your new name

If you're looking for the username of someone that you're chatting with, click on the picture beside their message and then click view profile. The username should be displayted in a small gray font underneath the display name (which is shown in black).

If the user you're looking for has not sent you a message. You can instead, click on their Kik display name at the top of the chat. And again, the name will appear underneath the display name in a smaller gray text.

If you've blocked the username of somebody and you want to find them again. Then you have to go to the settings menu and select the privacy option. Once you are in the privacy menu, you can tap the block list button. The username of the person you have blocked will appear underneath their display name in small gray text.