Get The Most Out Of Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger has quickly become of the most popular messaging services, especially among the younger crowd. Teenagers have been flocking to Kik for some time now, using it to stay informed, keep up with their friends and make new contacts around the world.

The popular Kik Messenger has a number of advantages over competing messaging programs, including the ability to verify that sent messages have been read. That makes it easy to see at a glance which of your friends are reading your messages, and which ones are ignoring what you have to say.

But the advantages of Kik Messenger do not end there. Whether you have been using Kik since it was first launched or just getting started with the platform, here are some tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of the service.

Get to know the Kik lingo. Like other apps, Kik Messenger has its own distinct lingo, and now is the perfect time to learn it. Kik uses letter codes to specify the status of your messages - S means the message has been sent to the Kik server, D means it has been delivered, while an R signifies the message has been opened and read.

You can use Kik Messenger to send videos, including video greeting cards. To add video content, just click the + sign while in a conversation and choose More. From there you can select the video app you want to use - like Video for Kik, Sketchee and YourCards on Kik. If you do not have these apps, you can download them from your favorite app store.

It is easy to express your emotions on Kik. Just open the conversation, click the + sign and select from one of the many Kik Messenger emoticons. Feel free to share how you are feeling when communicating with your Kik friends.

Remember to update your contact information when changing phones. Just go to the Settings menu, choose Privacy, then Address Book Matching to find and update your contact information.

If your friends are not yet on Kik, you can remedy the situation right from the app itself. Just open Kik, go to the settings menu, choose invite a Friend and enter their contact information. Kik spreads primarily through word of mouth, and this feature is a great way to get the word out.

Changing your display name is easy on Kik. All you need to do is go to the Settings menu, choose Your Account, then Name and type in the name you want to use.

Instant messaging apps may come and go, but Kik Messenger has already shown its worth and its staying power. If you have been using Kik for awhile, you probably know how powerful and useful it is. If not, why not download Kik Messenger today and use the tips and tricks listed above to get started?