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m a charming lady who loves life and has a good sense of humor. My friends say that I am a good listener. I am quite energetic woman; I can fire up man even with a glance. I am sure that every ordeal is given to people for them to achieve more and to become better. I believe in people kindness. Comments: Nobody is perfect and I am not looking for a perfect man. I am searching for the trust and understanding, love and harmony, unity of mind and soul! Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand! I dream to meet a man who would be a part of my soul and heart. I can give a man a lot of tenderness and love, I can be a shoulder on which man can lean on during bad times and I can be a light ray of everyday`s life! If you feel that we can work it out write me, you won`t regret? Text me on 2015497742


Benzgirl is 13 years old.


United States