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life is too short to be wasted without love, life and a deserving partner..Nothing lasts forever and just like everything has an end, so does it has a beginning..Being hurt doesn't make you any different from other people but what really makes you a human is how maturely you look up and adjust to situations..Love comes to those who deserves it and sometimes when we get hurt or disappointment, we concentrate so much on our hurt that we forget the existing opportunities that we can explore to be happy..We are all going to be hurt because there is nothing like a perfect partner or relationship but finding someone worth all the struggle, time, tears, sorrow and happiness is all we need ..Life has its ups and downs and but how willing and how ready we are to sacrifice for our happiness is what makes life worth it..I am here looking for something worth dying for and i wouldn't stop unless i find it..Not even the distance, language, religion or race is going to prevent me..I know there is someone out here for me..So please put me at rest and make my burden less by sending me a message if you are my true soul mate.. Don't be confused because i am all you you could ever want and waiting for..Best only comes to the best and keep the messages coming


Dalia1608 is 34 years old.