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Kik Username for Rosecookies


I think that this is the best way to describe yourself. I like this life and people around me. I am a positive thinker, and people always feel this energy from me. I like to get along with my friends. I am a devoted and caring person, and I never lie. I think that these are my best qualities. I do not have bad habits. I like to dance, play sports, walk. I think that this is part of my character. I like to cook, and I can be a good loving wife. A woman should dress well, speak well and always develop her inner world. Yes, I always follow these rules. I am very curious, so be ready for millions of questions,One of my biggest hobbies is traveling. I dream to visit all countries of our big world, but I would like to find a man who has the same passion and wants to see as much as possible. I think traveling together is a great experience for the couple, some situations make them closer, they open this world together! I like mountains and hiking, snowboarding! I like learning languages, new cultures, piano, eastern dances, make up. I have many talents and I like to do something new. Our life is big and we need to do as much as we can! A good book can make my day very special! When I have free time, I like reading.


Rosecookies is 32 years old.


United Kingdom