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I am a simple, honest man , likes going out and making new friends, reading allot and really shy when it come to somethings..I enjoy outdoor get together, sunsets, camping, and water activities. I also love to cook, play board/card games, and quiet evenings chillaxing. I love fishing, cuddling, swimming, movies, eating out and crabbing, shrimping especially boat riding or anything else. I am so tired of being lonely, I have a heart of gold I am always worried about pleasing everyone else but myself. I try to be caring and considerate of everyone. I love to laugh, joke, and tease, but also enjoy serious conversations about most subjects, especially Christian biblical, current events, technical stuff, natural health, etc., or lively conversations about politics, in which I lean conservatively. I enjoy helping others, and doing volunteer work. Enjoy most types of music except hard rock, hip hop, and rap


anton000 is 52 years old.


United States