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Hi, thanks for checking me out. Please note that I’m not looking for Hookup, friends with benefit, casual dating or anything like that. I’m looking for something serious and long term oriented. I’m a single father of two beautiful daughters, hardworking, goofy, sarcastic, intelligent and family oriented. I like to spend time in the gym and I don’t care if my potential partner is the same or not though a workout partner would have been a big plus but it’s not one of the qualities I want in a relationship. I like to travel a lot and it’s better when I’m with someone who we are creating memories together and taking pictures of every beautiful moment we have together. By saying beautiful moments I understand life cannot always be a bed of roses so i also want someone who we will be willing to face and overcome any challenges as a team. I like spending time with my family which is one of the thing I miss so much since my divorce and kids now live on their own. I’m not here to look for the perfect person because I’m not anywhere close to that place myself but I want someone who our combination will bring a great/perfect match.


jd4567809 is 30 years old.


United States