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Everything You Need To Know About Kik Groups

Once you have found kik usernames you are ready to start joining and making your own Kik groups.

What are Kik Groups?

Kik groups is one of the best ways to keep track of and talk to all of your friends at once. There are two types of groups: public and private. Private groups you have control over who can join.

Private Groups

In private groups you can:

  • Send photos
  • Send videos
  • Send GIFs
  • Video Chat

Private groups can only be joined by invitation, group link, or scanning the group kik code. You can find out more about kik codes here.

How many friends can join my Kik group?

There is a limit of 50 people per kik group. This includes yourself, so 49 people technically.

Public Groups

For safety reasons, on March 30th 2017, Kik made some change regarding public groups. The reason was because Kik users have to feel safe and respected when using Kik. Kik is making user safety their top priority.

The changes include:

  • Only being able to send Kik smileys stickers and GIFs for the first 24 hours that you join a public group
  • If you are banned from multiple groups, then they put in a filter which will prevent you form joining any new groups for 48 hours.
  • Public groups are also restricted in the sense that you can only join so many in a 24 hour period

Are public groups visible to everyone?

Anyone with Kik can join the group as long as they are not breaking the 50 user limit. With public groups, you do not have control over who can join your group. If you want the ability to control your Kik group then you must create a private group.

Why would I join a public group?

Public groups allow users to meet friends which have the same interests as you.

How can I join a Kik group?

To join a Kik group you can do so by scanning a kik code, tapping the group link, or by invite. In addition to this, if the group is public, then you can join it by search.

If you have a Kik code and you want to join the group, just pull down from the top of the main chat. This should open the scanner screen. After that just point the devices camera at the Kik code. You should automatically join the group.

If instead you want to search and join a public group then:

  • Open up the main chat list and press the + icon
  • Then tap the Public Groups Icon
  • Start searching for topics your interested in
  • When you find a Kik group that you like tap it and click Join

How to create private Kik group?

  • Step One: Open the Kik app
  • Step Two: Tap the plus sign icon
  • Step Three: Tap the "Start a Group" option
  • Step Four: Tap the usernames of the people you want in the group
  • Step Five: Make a name for the group and update the pic
  • Step Six: Finally, tap the Start button on the top right hand corner to create the group

How to create public Kik group?

  • Step One: Open the Kik app
  • Step Two: Tap the plus sign icon
  • Step Three: Tap the Public Groups option
  • Step Four: Tap the plus sign again
  • Step Five: Set a name, photo and number for your Kik group
  • Step Six: Select the kik usernames you want to add to the group
  • Step Seven: Tap Start to create the group

Note: You cannot switch a public group to a private group

The only way to do so would be to create a new private group and add everyone that was in it from the public group.

If you're looking for people to add on Kik for your group, try searching the the kik usernames list.

Kik Group Invitations

Kik group username invite

If you want to invite someone to your kik group via Kik username it is very easy to do so.

Just open up the group chat and select the group name at the top of the chat beside the ">" button. After that, you tap the more icon and choose the users you want in your group. Then just tap done. And viola!

Share a group's Kik code

In order to find the Kik code for your group, start by opening up the group chat. Then tap the group name beside the ">" symbol. You should see an option that says Show Kik Code. Now you can share it by clicking the share icon on the top right corner.

Kik Group via Group Link

To find the group link for your Kik group, open up the Kik group chat. And then tap the group name option. Then just click the share icon and tap copy to clipboard. Now you have the link which you can send to yourself and your friends.

If your Kik group suddenly becomes very popular, your group may be featured in the popular search category.

Kik Group Administration

Kik groups have owners and admins. The group owners will have a badge on their users profile which is green. The admins on the other hand will have a gold badge on their profile.

Group owners can do a variety of things such a promote someone to admin, demote admins, kick/ban non-owners, unban people and change the group name and profile picture.

Group admins are limited to promoting people to admin, kicking and banning non-owners, unbanning people and changing the group and group pic.

You can see all the group admins and owners by tapping the group name and looking for the green/gold badges besides usernames.