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Sharing Kik Usernames

If you want to share your profile, signing up for kik usernames is the best way to share your kik username.

You can also share your profile on popular social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

To share your profile:

  • Tap the settings button from the main chat list
  • Tap the share button
  • Then just select the social network that you want to share your profile on

As you can see, it is very easy to share your Kik profile and kik username.

Alternative method of sharing your Kik profile is by sharing your Kik code. The Kik code allows other people to add you and chat with you, just like your username.

In order to share your kik code: go to the settings menu, tap your kik code, and then tap the share icon.

Share your kik code on our site or other social networking applications may make it visible to the public and anyone can contact you if they see it. Some people may or may not want this depending on their level of comfort with privacy.

What is a Kik Code?

Kik codes, like kik usernames, can be shared in order to quickly and easily add new kik friends or join kik groups on Kik Messenger. Kik codes also supply a meaningful service as the allow one to connect to chat bots. You can even order and pay for a coffee using a chat bot. They are becoming very advanced.

How to Scan a Kik code?

Scanning a Kik code is very very simple. Just navigate to the Kik app. From the main chat list click on the plus sign menu button and tap "Scan a Kik Code" - then simply, point your phones camera at the Kik code. This will scan the Kik code and you will be done.

Another way to scan a Kik code is to go into settings, again, and then tap "Your Kik Code". After that you switch to your phones camera by tapping the toggle button at the bottom of the screen. Then just point the phones camer at the Kik code and it will be scanned

In order to see your personal Kik code, which allows you to share your profile with others, tap the plus button from the main chat list. Once you have done that, select the scan a Kik code option and then switch the toggle at the bottom of the screen from camera to "Your Kik Code"

The most simple way to get your Kik code is to just go to settings and then tap "Your Kik Code"

Did you know that Kik groups also can have their own Kik code? This is pretty handy for sharing.

In order to share a Kik group kik code you first open the group chat on Kik Messenger. Tap the the group name option after opening the group chat. The group name option is located at the top of the chat beside the greater than sign button. Then tap "Show Kik Code" and click the share button on the top right corner

The background color of the Kik code can be changed before sharing it. In order ot change the background color of the Kik code before sharing it, simply tap the Kik code and it will change the background color of the Kik code.

As always, once you share a Kik code with others, or especially with social media, anyone will be able to see the Kik group on those social media websites.

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