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Kik Symbols Part 2

Kik Messenger is a fun and easy to use app that allows you to connect with others. It is very simple to use and after signing up people can find kik usernames and start chatting with other people. There are a few things that you might want to know about Kik symbols before you start chatting with others.

If you've seen our first part about the Kik Letter Symbols, then you are almost on your way to knowing everything there is to know about Kik Symbols.

The only other things that you need to know about are the exclamation mark symbol and the three dots symbol.

The exclamation mark symbol is shown if there is a problem with your chat. In other words, the message that you are trying to send is not being sent. The problem is usually one that can be fixed easily. The primary reason Kik users see this message is due to their Internet connection. If you're seeing this message, first try and close the Kik app and open it again. This might just solve your problem. If that didn't work, then make sure that your internet connection is actually functioning by going to a random site using your phones browser. Try changing the Wi-Fi connection or switch to your data plan if your connection is not working as it should be.

The three dots symbol is the other symbol that you may see on kik. This means that the Kik app is not connecting properly. The three dots are usually tmeporrary and will be replaced by the S symbol in most cases very quickly. The message has been sent if you are seeing the S symbol. You may have to check your internet connection if this does not go away.